Sue Marsdon and Geoff Addison

Repair of cane, rush and seagrass seats


A close up picture of criss-crossed caning on a dining room style chair.

Price for Cane Seats

Chairs with up to 100 holes are charged at £1.30 a hole. Chairs with up to 120 holes are charged at £1.40 a hole without beading, £1.50 with.
As an indication, a small bedroom-sized chair would cost approximately £125. An average-sized dining chair would cost approximately £170.
For chairs with over 120 holes in the frame, charging is calculated in a different way to account for the number of crossings, which increases significantly with each additional hole.
Chairs with curved frames (usually backs), blind holes or circular seats are priced individually.

A close up image of English rush work and a rush fibre seat

Price for Rush Seats

I either use the best quality German or locally sourced rush. Rushing costs 80p per square inch. An average dining room sized rush chair costs approximately £180.


Fibre Rush, used as an alternative to natural rush on modern chairs. This is charged at 55p per square inch.

This photograph shows a seagrass seat woven by Sue on a small square stool.

Price for Seagrass Seats

Seagrass seats are priced at 50p per square inch.

A picture of four woven panels for a set of Bauhaus style chairs.

Price for Prewoven Habitat/Bauhaus style Seats

Prewoven Habitat/Bauhaus style seats cost £80 per chair.

This photograph is a close up of a woven Danish cord seat.

Price for Danish Cord Seats

Danish Cord seats cost £160 each.


Additional Costs

The cost of materials has been increasing significantly over the past few years and we expect that to continue. For larger jobs we now need to add an extra charge to cover these additional costs.


Any necessary repair work or polishing will incur extra charges.
The chair does need to be sound, as new seating adds a tremendous strain to the frame.